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I do not have any dolls for sale

k bye

amazon daily deal


on one of those cute anthro dolls


in 1 hour and 16 minutes. BE THERE.

Hot Toys Storm Shadow Review (finally)



Hey gurl, what u doin tonite?

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holy crap obitsu 150

That’s 150 Centimeters

That’s just under 5 feet tall!!!

Holy crap!!

The price is around $2000, which isn’t really that bad for a 5” doll.

Imagine the mods that will be done on them…eww creepy lolol

But still, a 5 foot doll is pretty cool

edit: oh my god we could share clothing LOL

aww, neither the TRU or target nearby had any ever after high dolls

oh well, I really should work on some crochet patterns anyway~

toys r usssss

going on wednesday, hopefully gonna pick me up some Ever After High dolls and work on them thursday/friday!!